During Term 1, a number of classes in Year 8 Visual Arts explored the concept of designing a futuristic city based on Utopia or Dystopia. Students developed their problem-solving skills as they learnt to use Photoshop to manipulate existing photographs. This topic which is often portrayed in movies or gaming, became much closer to our lived reality as we moved into the current pandemic.

This is the design brief students were given at the start of Term 1:

Our society operates under a continual sense of fear. Threats of tsunamis, earthquakes, tribal warfare and violent extremism circulate through mass produced imagery and perpetuate a cultural landscape racked with apprehension. Imagine our future geo-political landscape with optimism and utopian hope or cynicism and dystopian fear. What would/ or could your world be like in 50 years’ time (2070)? What type of world will your children grow up in and their children? Will technology advance the lived experience or destroy it? 

Use innovative thinking and problem solving to create an imaginary world inspired by the ideas of hybrid design and postmodern Architecture in response to the theme: Utopia/Dystopia.

We are proud of the way the boys have continued to develop new skills and managed their learning as we transitioned to online at home schooling. Congratulations Year 8 on your excellent work. Here is a sample of the work the boys produced.

Mr S. Lewis – Visual Arts and Drama Coordinator