Theme: Personal Best

The Surawski Beyond Blue Day for 2020 focused on the theme of Personal Best. This theme is a current initiative at Beyond Blue and is very poignant at this time as we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown. The students at St Dominic’s College were encouraged to participate in a variety of challenges held in the College Hall.

Each challenge was performed by a current staff member and the students were then asked to partake in the event. Aiming to push the boundaries and to set a new benchmark, the students applied themselves with great discipline, rigour and a desire to succeed. The day was a successful event with countless students participating in the events. 

Moving forward, it is hoped that the concept of Personal Best will be embraced by the students of St Dominic’s College as they strive for excellence. Embracing this theme in everything they do both at school and in their personal lives is encouraged. Supporting one another and maintaining a positive approach to ones well-being  is constantly reiterated at College and todays event aimed to further promote this.


Surawski Beyond Blue Day Report
by Pasquale Bellino, Year 7 

For the Surawski Blue Day l entered the Soccer Juggling Challenge run by Mr. Hall. The experience was fun and relaxing with everyone trying their best to win the competition and showing sportsmanship when they lost. As for everyone who was there to muck around and have fun were also cheering on people who were competing. My experience was great as my friends and I attended to have fun and that is what we did. Thanks to all teachers who put this together to make this an amazing event.


Surawski Beyond Blue Day Report
Blake Hutchinson, Year 7 

Even though I’m in House Tench, I still really enjoyed the Lunch Time experience provided for the College. I decided to show up to try the activities that’s I’m not so good at and I excelled in those activities. The activities were footy passing (where you had to pass a football through a target), soccer juggling (where you had to juggle the ball with your feet), free throwing (Where you had to shoot a basketball in the hoop from the free throw line), sit-up challenge (where you had to do as many sit-ups as you could in the range of a minute),  push up challenge (Where you had to do as many push ups as you could in a minute) and a typing challenge (where you had to type as many words on a computer in a minute). It was a great experience to go through and especially with my friends tagging a long too. When I looked around I could see plenty of smiling peers having a great time. The Surawski Beyond Blue Day has granted many skills and joy to all who participated. It was a great experience for all who joined in.