ImmerseMe Games – St Dominic’s College Ranked 2nd Internationally



On Wednesday 1 July, St Dominic’s College celebrated the remarkable achievements of a select group of Languages students who participated in the internationally recognised ImmerseMe Games and achieved a ranking of 2nd worldwide.

The ImmerseMe Games  is one week of adrenaline-filled online language immersion for students in Australia, New Zealand and a number of international schools.

From Thursday 21st May – Thursday 28th May, our brilliant students competed in the international language learning competition which saw 47,500 students from 140 schools compete across 9 languages. This is three times the average number of athletes (14,000) who attend the Olympic Games. 

St Dominic’s College held a special Assembly to honour these outstanding achievements.  

The Results

  • 1st in School Category
  • 1st in Italian
  • 2nd in Japanese
  • 2nd overall 41,827 points

When it comes to student success, here are the amazing results.

  • 11 students in the top 100 overall
  • 20 students in the top 100 in Italian
  • 19 students in the top 100 in Japanese
  • 83% of students gained an award
Overall Mentions
Year 9
  • Lachlan Turner – 2nd in Italian, 10th overall
  • Logan Wilson – 3rd in Italian, 15th overall 
Year 10
  • Oliver Zakostelsky – 11th in Italian, 27th overall 
  • Jarryd Torrevillas – 4th in Japanese35th overall, 
  • Luke Micallef – 17th in Italian, 93rd overall
Year 11
  • Reece Whatman – 1st in Italian, 5th overall 
  • Callum Francica – 9th in Italian, 28th overall 
  • Andrew Nicotera – 12th in Italian, 64th overall
Year 12
  • Peter Najjar – 9th overall, 12th in Japanese, 4th in Chinese, 13th in Spanish, 4th in Greek
  • Damien Doig – 3rd in Japanese, 33rd overall
  • Finnian Kennedy – 8th in Japanese, 63rd overall

A very special thank you to Mrs Baluch and Ms Amore, who’s dedication and support of these young men played a pivotal role in such an outstanding achievement.