Happy Humanities and Social Science Week!  The HSIE II Department will be recognising a composition of the incredibly talented social scientists and their teachers across the next week.


The Coronavirus has motivated the Year 11 Economics class to become dynamic group and developed their skills in ways not seen since the Global Financial Crisis.  In preparation for the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s economic update, the class was split into two teams to discuss the short and long term economic impacts of the crisis.  Team Captains Clay Saunders and Callan Kean selected their teams considering what skills and attributes each member would contribute to their case. 


It was felt by the group that Team Clay had the easier task researching the short term impacts because statistics and consequences are widely published in the media, however, when the ‘short term’ was defined as 1-3 years, the task became more challenging.  Team Callan employed their deep understanding of markets, government policy and implications to create a strong depiction of their long term (3-5 years) impacts.


Healthy debate ensured with the aim of fostering an understanding of current events and their correlation to economic theory, which is essential to student understanding and success in economics.  Moving forward, the class will be analysing Josh Frydenberg’s economic update and comparing their own predictions to Treasury’s.