Congratulations to our students who have received their Social Justice Awards for July.

The Social Justice Outreach Program is an integral part of College life and is compulsory for all students to undertake. 

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The Social Justice program at St Dominic’s educates our young men about the many injustices and causes of those injustices in our local and global communities. Through their participation in the Social Justice outreach program, our students are empowered to be advocates for those less fortunate and to become agents for positive change in the world.

Here are some of the comments from students who have participated in our Social Justice Program:

Why did you choose this activity and organisation?

I choose Clean Up Australia Day to do my part in the protection of the environment. I believe that it is up to all people to make sure that we work towards creating a cleaner and more sustainable place to live.

Cooper Morrisey – Year 8


What did you learn about the need for people to help others?

I learnt that I am very lucky to be able to go to a good school, to have a roof over my head and dinner on my plate every night. Other people are not always as fortunate as us and so helping others who are less fortunate is always important.

Anthony Pracy – Year 7


What would you tell other young people about the value of social justice?

That through Social Justice and the service of others you can enact positive change for the betterment of society; it provides a connection to others and helps to build stronger communities.

Isaia Gae’e – Year 12


Not only does participating in social justice help other people in society, it also helps us to become better versions of ourselves.

Bensen Payyappilly – Year 11


Through my participation with the Social Justice Outreach Program I have learnt the joy of service and doing my best for others. Through my experiences with activities such as ‘the backyard sleepout’ during winter this year, I gained invaluable insight into the challenges facing homeless Australians. This has provided me with a renewed perspective about the issues of disparity within our wider community.

Finnian Kennedy – Year 12