Today we celebrated National PDHPE Day at St.Dominic’s (one week early!).

The morning kicked off with a ‘Wellness Walk’ for staff and students ran by Miss Cook which was well attended and a good way to start the day. Our traditional ‘Nutrition stand’ in the Yard this year had to be unfortunately cancelled due to Covid restrictions but we are hoping to have it back next year.

During the Waterford Program all Year Groups participated in various physical activities across the College.

Year 7 took part in House Relays on Field One run by Mr.Kennedy-Gould and Mr.Jansz. The students were super enthusiastic and keen to win for their respective Houses. The fastest House on the day across a number of different relays was Dharuk.

Year 8 took part in a fitness circuit in the Hall run by Miss Cook and Mr.Peake. The students trained really hard and most students were quite fatigued at the end of a gruelling circuit which worked their whole body.

Year 9 took part in a mini Soccer competition on Field 2 run by Mr.Bourke and Mr.Verlinden. There was some great soccer played across all the games with some fantastic goals. Not all Houses got to play each other but special mention to Rice A Homeroom who had some very impressive wins!

Year 10 took part in a Sports Trivia competition in homerooms run by the Quiz Master Mr.Kilbourne. From all reports there were some tough questions from a variety of different sports. The boys also enjoyed the ‘physical challenges’ part of the quiz which involved Soccer juggling and Push up competitions.

Year 11 took part in a Kick Tennis championship on Field 3 run by Mr.Churchill and Mr.Mackinnon. The competition was heated with all homerooms vying to become champion! At the end of the knockout competition it was Tench A who were crowned champions led by super coach Mr.Seif who was very vocal on the sidelines in a very intense and close Grand Final!

Thanks to all staff and students for a great National PDHPE Day! It was great to see the boys outside and active to start the day!


Mr D. Mackinnon