Year 12 Trial Examinations 

Year 12 have made a great start to their HSC Trial examinations. It has been very positive to see our students take this final essential step in their school-based assessment. The practice they receive will also be invaluable for their HSC examinations which are now close at hand. The feedback they will receive from these exams will be crucial to their growth and preparation for the HSC. We wish this cohort the best of luck for these exams, and hope they are encouraged by their progress as they head to the final step in their secondary learning journey. 


Year 10 Minimum Standards 

Year 10 sat their Minimum Standards tests during Week 5 of Term 3. The meeting of the Minimum Standards for reading, writing and numeracy is a compulsory requirement for attaining the HSC credential. It was pleasing to see that a significant majority of our boys met these requirements on their first attempt. Congratulations to the students and their teachers for the hard work and preparation that has led to this result. If your son has not met the Minimum Standard for one or more of the tests, he will get an opportunity each term from here until the end of Year 12. A range of supports will also be in place during the end of Year 10, and throughout Year 11 to ensure the boys can meet these standards and qualify for the HSC.  


Online Parent / Teacher/ Student Interviews Feedback 

Thank you to the parents who were able to provide the College with valuable feedback regarding the running of our Year 7-10 and Year 12 interviews earlier this year. It was wonderful to receive the positive response that the online interviews garnered. Thank you also for the constructive feedback we can use as we plan for our Year 11 interviews early in Term 4. 



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