This weekend we all have the opportunity to highlight and be involved in Earth Hour. Mr Ronchetti has asked staff at St Dominic’s on Friday, 26th March to engage in Earth Hour by asking staff to reduce the power they are use while teaching throughout the day. For example, device free lessons, lights out, air conditioners off, fans off, etc.

This Saturday night people around the world together switch off energy consuming items at home between 8.30-9.30pm, to highlight the importance of energy consumption throughout the world.

10 easy ways you can #Switchfornature


  1. Switch to an ethical superannuation.
  2. Switch to a planet-friendly mobile plan.
  3. Switch solar power.
  4. Plant for pollinators in your garden.
  5. Choose carbon offsetting wherever you can.
  6. Give you old wardrobe new life.
  7. Reduce your food waste.
  8. Switch to different forms of planet friendly transportation.
  9. Switch to a carbon-neutral or green energy provider.
  10. Switch to a reusable coffee cup.


Are you ready to make the switch for nature?

For you, for your family, and for the world.


Mr Rawding

HSIE I KLA Coordinator