Term 1 is nearing an end and we reflect back on what has been a very busy term. Earlier in the year, our students had the opportunity to set goals for themselves regarding their learning and social development. It is hoped by now strategies to achieve these goals are being put into action and they are seeking the necessary supports if needed.  Amidst the peak of assessment tasks being due, it can be difficult for our young men to get the balance right between social interactions, academic requirements, health and wellbeing.  Our staff consistently work hard to encourage and support the students in order for them to strive for success.

Waterford Wednesday’s

Each week during the morning Waterford Wednesday’ homeroom, students are able to engage in a range of different initiatives that help promote various social skills as well as student wellbeing. Since the beginning of March, the following topics have been the focus of Waterford Wednesday for some of our year groups:

  • Year 7 completed a session that centred on STEM (Science, TAS, Engineering and Mathematics). Year 7 have also been working closely with Yr 11 in their Peer Support groups where they have participated in a variety of discussions and games activities.
  • Year 8 have completed learning activities centred around Online Safety.
  • Year 9 worked on the Resilience project in their diaries which focused on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.
  • Yr 10 have been completing their Minimum Standards testing.
  • Yr 11 have been exceptional in their leadership of their Peer Support groups.
  • Yr 12 partook in a learning assembly to help them prepare for their half yearly exams. They also had and games morning in order for them to have a bit of fun before their exam block.

All year groups also participated in the launch of the annual Social Justice program. This whole school program kicked off with the launch of the Lenten Appeal, where the students are encouraged to raise money for Project Compassion during the season of Lent.

International Women’s Day

Monday, 8th March was a pupil free day following the College Open Day. On this day, the St Dominic’s staff celebrated International Women’s Day. In light of what has been happening around Australia and the world, staff were encouraged to buy t-shirts with the catch phrase “Strong Women: May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them” in order to help shed light on issues regarding the rights of women. Money raised went towards the initiative ‘Best Foot Forward’ which helps to educate and seek employment for women around the world.

Harmony Day

During Week 8 our College celebrated National Harmony Week. The week is dedicated to Australians celebrating and recognising cultural diversity, inclusivity, respect for all people and helping to create a sense of belonging for everyone.

On Wednesday, 17th March (in conjunction with St Patrick’s Day) all students got to participate in various activities to promote the themes of equality, tolerance and respect. During Waterford Wednesday homeroom, Year 9 and 10 participated in an assembly and got to listen to guest speaker Maria Tran talk about her experiences of cultural expectations and differences, being tolerant of others and embracing conflict. Year 7 had a small assembly and then created a Wave of Hands wall with student’s commitments to a respectful and tolerant Australia. Years 8 and 11 competed in a trivia competition.

At lunch time there was a feast of food stalls created by the Year 11 Hospitality class, Mr Cummins and his assistants and the language staff and their assistants. Students got to enjoy a taste of Boscaiola, nachos, ice cream spiders and gelato. All proceeds from the day went towards Project Compassion.

To finish off the day, Years 7 and 8 got to enjoy an afternoon of Indigenous and International games out on the ovals. Luckily the weather held out.


National Day of Action Against Bullying

Harmony Week concluded with Australia’s National Day of Action Against Bullying. Students participated in a homeroom activity aimed at helping reduce the prevalence of bullying in Australian society.

Following the events and special occasions of Term 1, I encourage all students and families to reflect on the College’s Mission Statement which centres on the promotion of inclusivity and individual excellence in the Spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice. It is a time for our young men to reflect upon the actions they take and how they can be men who uphold the values of respect, tolerance, understanding and compassion.


Ms Monica Day – Acting Director of Diverse Learning