Throughout the end of Term 1, Year 12 Italian Beginner and Continuer students were engaged in making their own Venetian inspired mask.

This was achieved through the students creating a mask out of plaster of Paris and moulding it to their own faces. After this process was completed, students then fixed and moulded the plaster to even out and reinforce their masks. Students then moved to sanding their masks before finally painting a design on their masks during the last week of term.

Venetian masks are one of the most famous masks in the world and are know for their detail and are most known for their significance during Il Carnevale di Venezia otherwise known as the Festival of masks which is held in Venice every year in February before the period of Lent. Students learnt about the mask making process and the amount of work which goes into creating a mask.

Students have also studied the celebration of Carnevale and its importance historically, religious and socially.