St Dominic’s College would like to congratulate and celebrate the success of students who achieved a DSE (Diligence and Sustained Effort) of 100% during Term 2.

This is an outstanding achievement, with many students realising these results for both Term 1 and 2.

Due to our current lockdown and restrictions, St Dominic’s College will recognise the consistently solid results of the following students, upon return to on-campus learning:


Year 7
Dhani Maksum Jacob DiGiorgio Muhammad Hashaam


Year 8
Matthew Hamilton Cooper Hartstonge Jarred Haydon


Year 9
Kevin Anand Joshua Baldacchino Nathaniel Cant


Alex Jeminim Tharakan Oscar King Andi Maksum


Bailey Murphy William Smith Karlo Sudulic


Jeremy Vella    


Year 10
Jose Corcio Anthony Fava Alexander Gouriotis


Christopher Manoukian    


Year 11
Noah Clifford Thomas Garrahy Lachlan Harris


Luke Micallef Harrison Tran Francesco Zappia


Year 12
Bayley Baragry Flynn Cole Ethan Klein


Yousha Majdoub Andrew Nicotera Dylan Wilson