“In our STEM class at St Dominic’s College, we have made a submarine, and are entering a National Event called Subs in Schools. We hope to promote Beyond Blue throughout our journey.  We hope to raise $700 for Beyond Blue.

We have created this page because we want to make a difference. We are inspired by the work that Beyond Blue does and want to support Australians. We need to stick together during this difficult time.”


St Dominic’s College are incredibly proud of a number of Year 9 Students who have challenged themselves to raise money for Beyond Blue and raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. 

As a community, we are all experiencing isolation from friends, family and the things that we once took for granted. This initiative is a representation of the values these outstanding young men have.

Under the name of ‘Team Collins’, the following students are using their STEM project, Subs in Schools, as a platform to champion Beyond Blue to a broader audience.


Lachlan Antecki, Team Manager

   Brodie Dempsey, Marketing Manager




Kevin Anand, CAD Engineer

   Mitchell Hayes, Manufacturing Engineer


Subs in Schools allows students to explore the complex challenges of maritime engineering and hydrodynamics using coding and electronics as they design and build operational submarines and ROV’s.

Team Collins are determined to reach their $700 target before the Virtual NSW Finals in Mid-September.

We wish Team Collins the very best of luck in producing a prize winning submarine, but also acknowledge your outstanding efforts to use this opportunity to support such an important and worthwhile cause.


If you would like to support ‘Subs for Beyond Blue’,  by making a donation, please click here.