As we reach the halfway mark of the term, the number of COVID affected case numbers have remained fairly low and each day we have only had announcements of a few additional new cases. I hope and pray that this trend continues and I thank parents for their support of the Rapid Antigen testing on Monday and Wednesday mornings before school. 


From Monday, 28 February, this regular testing will not be required, and individuals will only need to test if they are showing flu-like symptoms.  All students should have received 5 Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT’s) on Friday, 25 February.  If students were absent on this day, they can collect their tests from the College Office.  Masks are also no longer compulsory for students or teachers.  This is an important phase of the pandemic but the community will dependant on each other to ensure we do not come to school if we have flu-like symptoms.  Isolation periods still remain and we will continue to support our students if they are affected by COVID-19 and need to be in isolation.   


Mr Adam Rafferty – Deputy Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to official welcome new members to our staff:

  • Adam Rafferty, Deputy Principal & Religion Teacher 
  • Rachael Day, Science Laboratory Assistant​ 
  • Melissa Henderson, English & Embark Teacher​ 
  • Tanya Angeli, HSIE & Religion Teacher​ 
  • Sandra Tangata-Toa, HSIE & Religion Teacher​ 
  • Michael Power, Science Teacher​ 
  • Erin McSweeney, English & Embark Teacher​ 
  • Drew McLean, Mathematics Teacher​ 
  • Cidgem Aydemir, Visual Arts & Mathematics Teacher​ 
  • Kylie Buchtmann, Principal’s PA​ 
  • Roseanne Liepa, Librarian 
  • Dylan Green PDHPE & Religion Teacher 
  • Brandon Curmi Maths & Religion 
  • Todd Sapienza – Teacher’s Aide 

I pray that our new staff’s time with us is filled with growth, happiness and gratitude as it has been during my time with the College.  May God bless them and guide them along their journey. 


Over the first four weeks of the school, except for the masks and the Rapid Antigen Tests, there seems to be some normality returning to College life.  We have been able to conduct all our parent meetings, either online or in person.  While some significant events have continued others have had to be modified or postponed such as the Year 7 Camp.  It is the College’s intention to ensure all College events proceed, in one capacity or another to ensure all our students experience the true St Dominic’s way. 


The Opening College Mass and Investiture of the College Student Prefects was a wonderful liturgical celebration signifying the official commencement of the College academic year.  Though, only the Year 12 students were present at the Mass, we were able to invite the parents of the College Student Prefects which was a welcome addition to our celebration of the academic year and Year 12 students.  The College recorded the Investiture of the College Prefects so that all students could view this significant tradition and hopefully inspire them to one day become student leaders.


During the Opening College Mass, I introduced the College Theme for 2022, Live Life with Hope.  In my address to the community, I encouraged the students to make a difference, when I stated: 

“The College theme is inspired by the EREA Touchstone ‘Gospel Spirituality’ and invites each of us into the story of Jesus.  Like Jesus we too must strive to make the message, His message, of compassion, justice and peace a living reality within our community. ‘Live Life with Hope’ challenges us to action, by: 

  • being agents of change committed to protecting and nurturing all of God’s creations. 
  • advocating for peace and justice 
  • participating in service and solidarity, with those on the margin 
  • working and walking with First Nations people, promoting justice and reconciliation 
  • demonstrating a deep respect for the earth and genuinely working towards a sustainable future 
  • truly recognising we are part of a global community 
  • and finally nurturing a culture of critical reflection and prayerful discernment in justice and peace matters 

I encourage all our community, staff, students and parents to illuminate the kindness that lives within all our hearts by finding their voice, as they live life in 2022 with great hope, making it a better place, not only for now but for the future.  The past two years have been challenging for the entire world, but we are a strong community, that listens to the cries of the marginalised and like all those who have come before us at the College, we respond faithfully and authentically to their call. 


The beginning of a new school year provides great optimism and opportunity for every member of the College community to reengage in their learning and their formation. We need to unite, as one, and collectively support each other, for we have the power to liberate our hearts and minds so that we are inspired, empowered and ‘hope-filled’ in 2022.   


This is not a choice. We must play our role. We must ‘live life’ with conviction, determination, and dedication; therefore, it is in the College motto, Dominus Lux Mea, that we must trust, so that the light of Jesus shines brightly within our hearts, as we bring hope to the world.” 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fr Greg for his words of encouragement as we live life with hope. Fr Greg’s homily provided all our students with key messages on how to best follow the College theme. 


To our wonderful staff who made this such a special Eucharistic celebration:  

  • to our musicians lead by Mr Wilson and our singers lead by Ms Ede.  Thank you for your continual support and encouragement of all our boys. 
  • To Mr Hine and the sound and lighting crew.  Thank you for ensuring our assemblies/masses run as smoothly as possible.  
  • A special mention to our two servers  
  • My thanks to all our support staff and in particular Mrs Buchtmann and Mrs Michaleris who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the Mass to fruition. 
  • To all our Maintenance Team who dedicated many hours to ensure the Br Warner Hall is presented as our sacred space. 
  • To our wonderful staff, for being so accommodating in supporting our Opening College Mass and for their continued support of our students and their aspirations. 
  • A special thanks of appreciation and congratulations to our Director of Identity, Mr Culican, who worked diligently for many weeks to ensure we had a meaningful liturgical experience. 

Click here to read more on our College Opening Mass


Over these first five weeks, staff and students have been actively involved in numerous events that are typical for this time of the year.  We have: 

These are but some of the main activities that have populated our College calendar.  Please refer to the College Website to read more about these and many other exciting events. 


The 2021 Semester 2 Reports seem such a long time ago.  It is these reports that provide us with the opportunity to re-evaluate and realign our commitment to our learning.  I strongly encourage all students to develop realistic 2022 goals addressing the improvements they would like to see with themselves as they commence the academic year.  I would like to congratulate all students who received a DSE sore of 100%.  This is an outstanding achievement.  I hosted the students at a special luncheon on Wednesday 16th February. 


Ethan Brischetto


Arnav Chand


Joseph Ezekiel


Jacob Hall


Keshavan Hariharan


Benjamin Mooney


Dominic Vecchio


Massimo Zappia


Matthew Hamilton


Jarred Haydon


Campbell Kean


Joshua King


Taylor Latham


Oliver Nekic


Aleks Worobiej


Toby Camilleri


William Smith


Jose Corcio


Anthony Fava


Christian Finianos


Alexander Gouriotis


Herbert Malinowsky


Christopher Manoukian


Harrison Mehew


Lachlan Turner


Ryan Woodhead



After more than 50 years, the MCS has been discontinued and our commitment to sport aligns with the Parramatta Diocese Secondary Schools Sports Council (PDSSSC).  All the CEDP teams from the previous MSC competition are also part of this new competition.  Besides the name, all other aspects of the competitions will continue as previously administered by the MCS. Basketball and Cricket teams commenced their seasons in Week 2 of the term.  Though we have had mixed results, all indications are that we will be competitive in all grades.  Some of our Year 7 students have commenced their representative journey with us.  I wish them and all our players every success as they complete to their personal best.


If representing the College at the PDSSSC or CSNSW level.  A reminder to all students who wish to represent the College, at any level, you are required to have a DSE score of 80% or above and meet to general expectations of the College.  Students who are unable to follow these expectations may not be able to represent the College.  I would encourage all students to maintain diligence and sustained effort in their academic endeavours and the application to College life especially if they wish to represent the College in any co curricula activity.


I look forward to working with your sons throughout the year and encouraging them to achieve their personal best in all matters associated with their learning and development. 

May we all live life with hope in 2022.


Dominus Lux Mea


Mr Michael Ronchetti

St Dominic’s College Principal