Each year, Year 12 have the opportunity to invest in the design of their Cohort Jersey, a long held tradition at St Dominic’s College and one which our students wear with great pride.


The 2022 theme was inspired by Year 12 student, Xavier who felt an indigenous design was a significant representation of all the different cultures that are present within our Year 12 Cohort.


Taking this inspiration, local Indigenous artist, Lee Hampton designed the beautiful artwork that we see on our current Year 12 Jerseys.  Lee provides us with an insight into the meaning behind the design below.  We thank Lee for sharing his incredible talent with St Dominic’s College. 


“Starting from top left, each circle area represents a year of high school. The first circle has a symbol for a young man, and the shows the journey to the next year. You will notice that the left side has a lot of structure with formulated lines ( cross hatching in Aboriginal terms) The cross hatching represents structure, this is what is taught to these young men throughout their schooling to prepare them for the real world. The opposite side shows random dot work, I always use this method to represent the balance of unstructured work, this can be the times these young men bond, play sport, and socialise, without this balance, success and growth is almost impossible. 

When they finally reach the final circle (year) You can see that the symbol has changed, this represents change, and growth from a young boy to a young man. The flow on from there with many directions represents each individual student going on into the world to explore their own journey to success.”

Indigenous Artist – Lee Hampton – Black Door Gallery (Penrith)


Local Indigenous Artist, Lee Hampton