Take time to reflect 

Too often in the busyness of life, we do not take enough time to reflect. Last week the College completed a school renewal process with Edmund Rice Education Australia. This was a very affirming process. Often in the gloom and doom of a pandemic or the devastation of floods that we see on the news or have the misfortune of experiencing ourselves, we lose focus and forget the good that we experience daily. The renewal identified many of the wonderful features of our College. The word cloud below was created by the EREA panel. The panel asked the many groups of staff, students, parents, and alumni that they interviewed, for a word that represented the College for them. The more the word was used to describe the College, the larger the word appears. 




Please take a moment to read through the words that were named.  

To our current students, I ask, what word(s) resonates with you?  

Opportunity was represented the most. What opportunities have you taken up?  


Recently at the very successful College Open Day, I had the pleasure of working with so many different students from each year group. Originally, we were looking to engage 100 students to lead tours or be involved in classroom displays, however due to overwhelming response, we increased the number to 140. This still resulted in nearly 50 students being disappointed as they were told thanks but unfortunately, we do not have a job for you to do because we have so many volunteers. There are not too many schools that would be fortunate enough to knock back volunteers on a wet Sunday. I thank Parents/Carers who allowed their sons to attend and support the College.  

As we move towards Term 2 there are many more opportunities available in the many areas of College life. I often say to students, “you get out of something, what you put into it”. I urge all students to challenge themselves, get involved in what you can so that you too can experience the mateship and connection that is St Dom’s.  


Term 2 Uniform 

As we move into Term 2, we move into the College Winter Uniform (outlined on page 21 of the College Diary). When we return on Wednesday, 27th April all students are to be dressed appropriately. Please take time to check your uniform. Does the blazer still fit? Does the blazer need a dry clean? Where is your College tie? The College uniform can be purchased at Back to Basics Schoolwear in Kingswood (Phone: 4721 7422).  



Respect is generally defined as having due regard for someone’s feelings, wishes, or rights. Respect needs to start with the individual. In recent weeks there has been a couple of incidents where people have not respected themselves nor their peers, families, or staff. Please be mindful of what we say and do and the implications that this may have on others. Our College Motto, ‘Dominus Lux Mea, The Lord is my light’ compels us to live by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.  


Social media continues to be the main source of concern. The general rule should be, if you can not show your family, you probably should not be writing or posting it! I urge families to keep an eye on what your sons’ are doing online. I would encourage families to limit the use of social media in the confines of a bedroom. By encouraging your son to work in an open space, i.e. the kitchen table, many of the temptations are dramatically reduced. 


Gentlemen, there have been times this term when discussions have occurred that were highly inappropriate. These are the times when we need to stand up for what we believe is right. If one of our friends is behaving contrary to how they should, we need to stand up and have a courageous conversation where we say, ‘what you are doing is wrong, stop’. This is easier said then done, but to have a welcoming and united community, we need to maintain respectful relationships.  


Term 1 Conclusion 

As Term 1 draws to a close and we prepare for Holy Week, I thank the entire community for the resilience that you have displayed in this testing time. Between floods and the pandemic, the College has continued on its merry way. I wish to acknowledge the dedication of the staff to ensure that despite the challenges, the students have remained engaged in their learning.  


The term will conclude with a Co Curricula Assembly on Friday. This is a chance to celebrate the achievements of so many students in a range of endeavours. For those that are acknowledged, congratulations. With the start of a new term, begins an opportunity for other pursuits. I encourage all students to seek opportunities in Term 2 to follow their interests and showcase their talents. 


Have a happy and holy Easter. Enjoy a well-deserved break. 


Mr. Adam Rafferty 

Deputy Principal