On Monday, 30th May, the College held a wonderful Reconciliation Assembly. The extract below from the South Australian Government site, is an apt reminder of the need for such ceremonies.  


Reconciliation has no meaning if it is not aimed at achieving equality in life expectancy, education, employment and all the important, measurable areas of disadvantage. 

We cannot think of Australia as reconciled when some continue to experience racism and when there continues to be such profound disparity between First Nations people and the wider community. 

Reconciliation is about creating equity and equality, closing this gap and building relationships to do this. 

The most recent data tells us the following: 




Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians experience vast differences in health, education, employment, and standards of living compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts. Understanding these inequalities is the first step to reconciling the differences between us. 


Our College Theme, ‘Live Life with Hope’, is a reminder to us that we need to unite, through our faith, and strive for a better future for all Australians. The National Reconciliation Week 2022 Theme is ‘Be Brave. Make Change’ and is a challenge to all Australians to tackle the unfinished business of Reconciliation. It is a challenge to individuals, families, communities, organisations and government—to ‘Be Brave’ and tackle the unfinished business of Reconciliation so we can ‘Make Change’ for the benefit of all Australians. 



Year 12

The year is going very quickly. The reality of this is all so true for our Year 12 students who are fast approaching the pointy end of 13 years of schooling as the HSC looms. I urge all our senior students to take advantage of the generosity of our staff who every week volunteer to assist at Senior Study or Maths help for several hours after school. Collaborating in such revision and assistance helps to clarify course content and helps consolidate the skills and dispositions required to perform at higher levels in the HSC.  


Year 7 2023 

I wish to thank the College Leadership team and many of the Middle Leaders at the College for conducting interviews with our prospective students and families entering Year 7 2023. Over the course of three days, over 200 interviews were conducted. Overwhelmingly the reason that families wanted to send their sons to the College was based on the strong reputation of the College and the way that our students conduct themselves. This is something to be very proud of, but also serves as a challenge to keep up our great reputation and standing in the community. 


Absent/Late Notifications 

As you would be aware the College is sending out emails to notify parents /Carers when their sons have been marked absent or late to Homeroom. Whilst there have been a couple of teething issues, I thank families for their patience and support. If you have any concerns or questions, please notify the office. 



As previously communicated, all students should be wearing their tie and blazers, to and from school. The vast majority of our students arrive at school dressed immaculately. It is important that all students leave their house dressed this way and should not be dressing themselves correctly at the College gate. Thank you to those who always do the right thing. What one person does, reflects on all of us, please ensure that you are playing your part to continue the great reputation of St Dominic’s. 

God Bless 


Adam Rafferty 

Deputy Principal