Term 2 has started with significant activity in Teaching and Learning. This includes AGAT Testing, NAPLAN Testing, Parent Teacher interviews, the COVID Intensive Learning support program, and many other extra-curricular activities occurring around the grounds. 


Term 2 Assessments have already begun. For a number of our courses, this may involve a half yearly examination on the Semester 1 content coming in the next few weeks. Your son should already have begun preparing for these important assessments. This could involve creating study notes, completing revision questions from previous topics, and submitting drafts to their teachers for marking and feedback. This will provide important information that will be included as part of the Semester 1 Academic Reports coming at the end of this term. 



In Week 3 of this term, our students in Years 7 and 9 completed their NAPLAN testing, for the first time in an online environment. The supervising teachers were very impressed with the manner that both Year 7 and Year 9 undertook these tests. Catch up exams were offered in Week 4 to those who were absent. We look forward as a College to be able to unpack the results when they are released later this year. This data is used to help the College determine the learning needs of your son. 


On top of this, Years 7 -10 students completed their AGAT tests during Waterford Wednesday during the Weeks 3 – 5. This is a General Capabilities test that the College is using to identify Gifted and High Potential students in our care. These results are currently being examined by our Gifted Teacher – Ms Lister, and will be used to identify students who may benefit from further extension and enrichment in their studies. More information in the coming months will be shared as this program builds. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Lister for her excellent work in this domain. 


Finally, a range of activities have been taking place to improve the learning culture at the College. A summary is provided here to outline some of what is occurring: 

  • Mr Zammit and Mr Glass are running an after-school coding and Lego club for Year 7 and 8 students. 
  • Ms Baluch and Ms Quinlivan have been working with staff on setting and working towards Literacy goals for each subject area. 
  • Mr Zammit, Mr Ahern, Ms Kraim, Ms Tahan and Mr Glass are currently working with New Tech Australia to create a new STEM course for Year 7 in 2023. 
  • Our KLA Coordinators are working with their departments to complete a Collective Efficacy project to diagnose and improve the learning in an identified subject or topic area. 
  • The College is preparing for our upcoming EREA Network Day with 6 other schools in the Sydney Metropolitan area. This will occur in our usual staff development day timeslot for the start of Term 3 (Monday, 18th July). This will be a significant day of professional learning for our staff and an opportunity for us to collaborate with other EREA schools around best practice in boys’ education. 


As you can see, there are significant projects and events happening to improve the learning here at St Dominic’s College. Best of luck as the term proceeds.

We hope the remainder of the term is an opportunity for your son to continue to grow in his learning and get positive and improvement-focused feedback. 


Stay safe and God bless.


Mr David Gerlach

Mr Luke Borg

Director of Teaching and Learning

Director of Curriculum