The commencement of Term 4 provided an opportunity for all students to reflect on the previous term and hopefully put into place strategies that will assist them in becoming better people and better learners as we conclude 2023. By reviewing either their DSE reports students in Year 7 – 10 or their Year 11 HSC Preliminary results, students are encouraged to immediately place strategies in place that will best support their academic improvement.  Time is of an essence. Year 10 will complete their teaching and learning agenda at the end of Week 4 before their examinations in Week 5 and then their camp in Week 6.  While Year 11, having just completed their HSC Preliminary course, will now commence the HSC course.  I encourage all students to become the great people we know they are.


All Saints and All Souls Day

The month of November is an important month in the Catholic Calendar as we celebrate, pray and commemorate All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Pope Francis frequently speaks about All Saints’ Day and how Catholics should “let themselves be encouraged by the saints” as they did not live lives by half measures rather sort opportunities to assist those in need. Our College Theme this year has been about living life with hope. Like the saints, we too must be encouraged to seek opportunities to live life with hope and to also provide hope for those in need through actions.  Our Social Justice Outreach Program is a good means to be able to fulfil this encouragement by Pope Francis.


All Souls’ Day is also an important day as the Christian community remembers all the faithful departed especially those who were close to us.  The faithful departed are constant in our prayers throughout the year but are especially commemorated on this day.  I pray that all our families were able to spend some reflective time in remembrance of those who are no longer with us especially those who have departed this world in 2022.



World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1926. The annual day encourages prayers, cooperation and help for missions as well as reminding Christians about the fundamental missionary character of the Church and of every baptised person.  This celebration has now become world Mission Month, a month dedicated to the life-giving work of missionaries around the world.


Pope Francis, in his 2022 World Mission Sunday message, invites everyone to answer the call to be missionaries, sharing that “Mission is carried out together, not individually…”.  You can find out more about World Mission Month at World Mission Month 2022 (


The Feast Day of St John Paul II – 22nd October

St John Paul was a Pope for all people.  He served many different aspects of the Church including that, as an advocate for peace.  As a Promoter of Peace, he charted a path to peace and solidarity, proclaiming to the nations that we are all our brothers’ keeper and that we owe an obligation in solidarity to one another and, most especially, to the poor in all of their appearances. He wrote of authentic freedom as a freedom “for” and not just a freedom “from”, a freedom that must be bounded by truth and lived in accordance with the moral understanding of our obligation to do what is right.



Staffing Update


Thank you Mr Brendan Jansz

After 10 years serving the community of St Dominic’s, Mr Brendan Jansz has accepted a new role at Bede Polding Catholic College, Windsor. Mr Jansz arrived at St Dominic’s in 2013 and during his time at the College has fulfilled a variety of roles: Pastoral Coordinator, Director of Pastoral Care, Acting Curriculum Coordinator and in 2021 Acting Deputy Principal.


He has been a significant figure in the development of our Pastoral Program and structure.  Mr Jansz’s vision in developing the House structure was instrumental in providing an internal competition that has now become engrained in our culture.  His promotion of Rivalry Week and Dommies Day is legendary.  Mr Jansz also identified the need to have a wellbeing program to support our students with their mental health.  His involvement and promotion of House based Activities such as Movember, RUOK? Day, Surawski Blue Day, was pivotal in the promotion of these significant events.


Mr Jansz has consistently been an active member of our Cocurricula Program, coaching Cricket and Football.  He has successfully supported students in their academic pursuits, especially Year 12 students achieve high Band’s in their HSC. 


On behalf of the College, I would like to thank Mr Brendan Jansz for all that he has contributed to St Dominic’s. You truly have been an inspiration for so many young men at the College.




I would also like to congratulate and thank:


Mr James Bourke has accepted a position at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill as the Coordinator of the Indigenous Program.  Mr Bourke has spent 17 years of his life at St Dominic’s College both as a student and now as a teacher.


Mr James MacKay has accepted a position as Boarding Master at St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill.  His impact at St Dominic’s has been tremendous. 


Mr Harry Tsahtarlis has accepted a position as the VET Coordinator at this previous school Xavier Catholic College.


On behalf of the College, I would like to thank Mr Bourke, Mr MacKay and Mr Tsahtarlis every success in their new roles.  Upon reflection on these movements, all teachers are moving to new leadership opportunities.  St Dominic’s should be proud in supporting and assisting the formation of these outstanding leaders.  They will all be an asset to their new communities.


Leaving but only for 12 months to support a fellow EREA school

Mrs Jennifer Walsh will take on a new challenge at St Pius X College, Chatswood for 12 months.  Mrs Walsh has become well known amongst EREA schools of her expertise in Canvas.  Her work with the St Dominic’s Community has been exceptional.  Mrs Walsh will support the ongoing implementation of Canvas at St Pius as the Canvas Facilitator.  We wish Mrs Walsh ever success as she supports the St Pius X community.


Senior Retreat

Our Year 11 students were actively involved in the Senior Retreat over the first three days of  Term 4.  Unlike anything they have experienced previously, the Senior Retreat provides our young gentlemen an opportunity to contemplate life and the role God may play with their lives as they develop into gentlemen for the future.  There has been some honest and robust discussion which has been healthy for all, especially for the students to understand that everyone has a view and though it may be different to mine, they have a right to express their views.  This will be the last opportunity for our senior students to spend quality time together before the rigours and expectations of their final year commence. Special thanks to all the staff who facilitated these retreats.



Year 7 2023 Orientation Day

The Year 7 2023 Orientation Day was an outstanding success with 205 students enjoying their day at the College.  The day was filled with a variety of learning activities as well as an opportunity to be involved in House sporting activities. I would like to congratulate our elected College Prefects and members of our SRC who supported the young men throughout the day.  I hope and prayer that our new students find their place at St Dominic’s College.



Investiture of the College Student Leaders and the announcement of College Captain and College Prefect Portfolios

At our College Assembly on Wednesday, 2nd November, Jose Corcio was inducted as the 2023 College Captain.  Jose will be greatly supported by Christian Finianos who has been elected as College Vice-Captain.  This is a great honour for any young man. Jose, Christian and the whole Prefect body have the great honour and responsibility to uphold the outstanding reputation of not only the College but of all the Prefects who have gone before them.  I would also like to congratulate the College Prefects who have accepted the following Portfolios:


Prefect Portfolios 



College Captain  

Jose Corcio

 College Vice-Captain  

Christian Finianos



Dharuk House Prefect Rice House Prefect Surawski House Prefect Tench House Prefect
James Rowan Michael Tickner Joel Wheeler Oliver Hunt
Academic Prefect Religious Prefect Social Justice Prefect Pastoral Care Prefect
Braxton Elcheikh Logan Wilson Connor Smith Harrison Ashmore
Cultural and Sport Prefect Cultural and Sport Prefect Communication Prefect Communication Prefect
Samuel Brett Brayden King Christopher Manoukian Kennedy Storr



Each Prefect also holds the responsibility for the pastoral care and support of a particular Year group. The allocations are below:

Year 7:        Christopher Manoukian   Michael Tickner   Samuel Brett 
Year 8:   James Rowan   Oliver Hunt   Joel Wheeler
Year 9:   Harrison Ashmore   Brayden King    
Year 10:    Connor Smith   Braxton Elcheikh    
Year 11:   Logan Wilson   Kennedy Storr    
Year 12:   Jose Corcio   Christian Finianos    



As a College, I am proud of our Movember Campaign that addresses Men’s health and our Fight against Domestic Violence especially against women.  As we commence Movember, our College Prefects will be instrumental in the promotion of these two significant campaigns. I encourage all students to actively support our College Prefects and Year 12.



Term 3 DSE High Achievers

As I reviewed the Term 3 DSE Reports it was great to see so many students showing improvement from their Term 2 Report.  I would like to congratulate the following students, in particular, for receiving 100% in their DSE score. This is an outstanding achievement.


Chase Cortes


Lincoln Klemesrud


Cooper Lett


Jenilkumar Patel


Xavier Pizanis


Orlando Rowan


Coleby Ryerson


Oliver Nekic


Matthew Hamilton


Jarred Haydon


Campbell Kean


Taylor Latham


William Baldacchino


Lachlan Antecki


Toby Camilleri




May we all continue to live life with hope.


Dominus Lux Mea


Mr Michael Ronchetti

St Dominic’s College Principal