Welcome everyone back to another academic year here at St Dominic’s College. 2023 has brought lots of new and exciting beginnings. A new College Principal, new buildings, new classrooms and of course our new Year 7 students. It has been an exciting start with lots of energy and activity to kick off the year.



Before classes resumed for 2023, staff met to share insights and data on our students from 2022. This included previous report data, PAT Reading assessments, PAT Maths assessments and NAPLAN Data. This is an important first step in our teachers getting to know the students in their classes and prepare for their learning strengths and opportunities for growth. Staff spent some time discussing the students in their classes and what their learning needs might be for 2023. The aim of this session is so that when we meet our classes for the first time we already have a picture of your son and his learning needs. For the first time also, Year 7 2022 Embark teachers met with the Year 8 2023 English teachers to give an update on their Literacy Competency skills. Your son’s learning has been at the forefront of our initial planning.


Goal Setting

In week 2 of this term during Waterford Wednesday, the entire College spent some time considering and constructing some learning goals for 2023. This included a discussion on how to construct a SMART goal. Ensuring the goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Students were then asked to create some of these goals utilising the pastoral lesson pages in their College Diary. We encourage to speak to your son about his learning goals for 2023. Throughout the year we will ask the students to revisit their goals, and assess how well are they going and what do they need to do to ensure they meet their goals. In the words of Basketball trainer Alan Stein, we asked the students to consider “are habits that you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow.” We hope that they are able to reach their goals this year.




HSC 2022

Congratulations to our Year 12 students on their outstanding results in the 2022 HSC. Our Year 12 students have certainly left their mark on the College through their academic, artistic, cultural and sporting achievements.  


Year 12 students should be highly congratulated for their outstanding commitment to their studies considering the challenges they faced throughout the past two years.  The College is extremely proud of all students and congratulates them on their contribution to the academic, social and cocurricula life of the College, not only in their final year but throughout their time at the St Dominic’s.    


Notable achievements from our 2022 HSC results include:


College Dux


Snehin Talusani 
  • College Dux with an ATAR of 96.40
  • Band 6 in Studies of Religion I; E4 Mathematics Extension 1; E3 in Mathematics Extension II; notional Band 6 result in Mathematics Advanced; Band 5 results in English Advanced, Chemistry, and Physics.


  • 20 Band 6 results achieved in HSC,
  • 61% of all students in the top 3 bands of courses
  • 11 courses were equal to or above the State Average
  • ART EXPRESS selection – Robert Wilcher for his body of work, The Golden Rule


Band 6 and E4 Results 


Sebastian Bianca 

  • Music 1


Harrison Bullock 

  • Music 1


Noah Clifford 

  • Industrial Technology


Uaale Elisara 

  • Mathematics Standard 1


Thomas Garrahy 

  • Visual Arts


Reece Phillips 

  • Industrial Technology


Ryan Snookes 

  • Music 1


Harrison Tran 

  • Mathematics Extension 1 (E4)
  • Mathematics Advanced


Riley Connolly 

  • Food Technology
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education


Jackson Berg 

  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics Extension 1 (E4)
  • Mathematics Extension 2 (Notional Band 6 for Mathematics Advanced)


Ryan Mooney 

  • Mathematics Standard 1
  • History Extension (E4)
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education


Snehin Talusani 

  • Mathematics Extension 1 (E4)
  • Mathematics Extension 2 (Notional Band 6 for Mathematics Advanced)
  • Studies of Religion I


We would like to acknowledge the great efforts of our teaching staff in guiding our students to achieve their personal best in their HSC results. We are confident that the young men of the Graduating Class of 2022 through their compassion, courage and knowledge will make a significant contribution to the wider community. We wish our students every success in their future endeavours.



Year 7 and Year 9 students have commenced the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). These important diagnostic tests aim to measure whether our students are developing the necessary foundational literacy and numeracy skills required for learning across the curriculum. Furthermore, these tests assist the College to identify areas of strength across and within cohorts, as well informing us of the supports required to facilitate learning improvements for your son.  




On the 9th March, Year 7 undertook the General Abilities Tests known as the AGAT. This test is designed to measure and students’ reasoning capabilities. The College also uses these results to identify students most likely to benefit from extension or enrichment. If your son is shown to have a high reasoning ability, the College will contact you regarding further testing and support that the College can provide. We are hopeful to extend these students as part of their academic learning here at the College.



Best of luck to you and your family as we begin the academic year. I hope your son is keen and eager to learn, as he embarks on the next step in his learning journey.




Mr David Gerlach

Mr Luke Borg

Director of Teaching and Learning

Director of Curriculum