College Grooming Policy 

Thank you to the overwhelming majority of students who have started the school year on a positive note regarding their hair/grooming. Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the college grooming policy on page 23 of the diary, which clearly outlines the high standards at St Dominic’s College. Please be aware, that any students that are deemed to be in major breach of the policy will be automatically issued a college detention and asked to rectify their haircut. We have greatly appreciated the continued support from parents in addressing this issue.  Please click here to view our Grooming Policy.


Entrance via Copeland St 

For safety reasons, the college gates on Copeland St will be locked at exactly 8:35am. Students that do not enter the college before that time are required to go through the front office and sign in late. If a school bus is regularly late, we encourage students to alert the front office when they arrive. 


School Attendance  

Regular school attendance is vital in equipping young men with the skills required to thrive later in life. School refusal and poor attendance is a problem that is facing many young  people today. According to research, early detection of attendance patterns is vital in the prevention of school refusal and inconsistent attendance. To ensure parents and teachers are in communication with each other and working together, Homeroom teachers will contact home if a student is absent for 3 days in a week without explanation.  


Staff Development Day 

On Monday the 27th February, college staff completed a workshop on suicide alertness. This in-service trained staff to move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss or avoid the topic of suicide. It also developed teacher’s abilities to recognise people who have thoughts of suicide and help them connect to intervention resources. This training will not only benefit our teachers, but it will also help us create a safer and more supportive environment for all of our students. We appreciate your continued support in ensuring the well-being of all members of the St Dominic’s community.