The 2023 academic year is certainly up and running. It has been yet another very busy start, but then again, that is what makes St Dominic’s what it is. There have been numerous events where Students and Staff have wholeheartedly committed themselves to events that continues to promote charism of the College. 


The sense of welcome that you experience when you walk through the College gates is ever present but best emulated at the recent Year 7 Information evening that was led by the Year 7 Embark and Pastoral teams where after the presentations concluded, the College hosted a BBQ in the main yard. It was fantastic to see new family’s network and discuss their son’s initial weeks at the College. It made Covid feel like a distant memory and a return to the ‘old days’. Hopefully we will have many more opportunities through the year to host similar gatherings across the year groups. 


The connectedness that we have with the community due to the strong reputation of the College and the success of alumni students, is something that we continue to embrace. This sentiment was prevalent at our recent Open Day. Whilst this is something to be very proud of, it is something that we do not want to lose. For this reason, it is paramount that we present ourselves well in the community. I seek the support of families to assist us in maintaining our uniform and grooming standards, to strongly encourage your son to go directly home from school and not to loiter around shops etc. What one person does reflects on all of us. We have a very proud tradition and want to continue to enhance it.  


The pride our boys have for the College was on show at Open Day. Whilst we were hoping to cap student volunteer numbers at 90, we ended up extending it to 125. This is extremely impressive considering just as many students missed out because we simply did not have enough roles for the boys to fill. This is something to be celebrated. I have worked in many different schools but never have I experienced the enthusiasm of students wishing to attend school on a Sunday to help out. Thank you for allowing your son to take part. The day was such a success because of the confidence, manners and pride the boys displayed to our potential graduates.  



There are plenty of cocurricular activities coming up and I urge all students to involve themselves in as many events as they can. As they say, ‘you get out of something what you put into it’. This is the best way to form quality relationships with fellow students and staff. Having said that, we are nearing a very busy assessment period and it is important to get the balance right. Hopefully students are into a routine now and are ensuring that they are completing all their homework and leaving themselves enough time for the completion of assessment tasks. The College has a well-attended homework class after school, thanks to the generosity of staff. For those that are finding completing work a challenge, I strongly urge you to attend. 




I wish you well for the rest of the term and thankyou for the start that we have had to the year. 

God bless. 


Mr Adam Rafferty 

Deputy Principal