As the newly appointed Principal, I am absolutely delighted and humbled to have the opportunity to lead the St Dominic’s College community. I am very grateful for the welcome I have experienced and have enjoyed a very busy first few weeks in the job. Already, I can understand why our College has developed a strong reputation for excellence and growing young men to be successful and respectful. I acknowledge the excellent work of the dedicated staff who seek to work in partnership with families and I look forward to leading the school into the future.


This year’s College Theme has three important parts, ‘Welcome, Nurture & Celebrate’. We start with ‘Welcome’ because, an important part of being in a school in the Edmund Rice tradition, is that we are inclusive. We have a diverse mix of students, teachers and families that make up the St Dominic’s family. We come from many different backgrounds culturally, socio-economically, different faith and educational backgrounds. I welcome such diversity as it reflects the variety of modern Australian society. It encourages students to develop an understanding of the ‘other’, helps build inclusion and tolerance. If we focus on ‘welcome’ our boys will learn that we have far more in common, than sets us apart.  It assists to build strength of character by learning and understanding others.


The second element of our theme is ‘Nurture’ and this is important because we all want St Dominic’s to be a safe and nurturing place. We aim to know your child deeply, understand his needs and talents. We aim to foster resilience and support them to develop a passion for learning. We have strong pastoral programs that connect students, build their self-efficacy and wellbeing. We want our boys to understand that they are part of a global community, have a responsibility to behave sustainably and to challenge themselves to achieve personal excellence.


We aim to create a school environment where everyone can feel it’s safe to have a go. To try and occasionally fail. To learn from mistakes, without being embarrassed and to persevere and try again. We build a culture where students look after each other. We encourage your son to demonstrate respect for himself, respect others, the environment and God. Our student leaders are encouraged to stand for what is right, rather than for what is popular. Our wholistic program guides boys into becoming exceptional gentlemen.


I commit to you that I and our staff will work hard to help and support your son and family. We work together.


Finally, we want to spend a lot of time enjoying the third part of our College theme – ‘Celebrating’. This is a great College. There are great opportunities here. I encourage your son to make the most of them and to get involved. We want to celebrate our achievements and successes. We want you to be proud of our College, your son’s involvement and learning and we want to acknowledge and celebrate your son’s success.

We encourage students to meet high expectations and strive for personal excellence each day. Your son’s commitment to a positive learning culture is reflected in their ‘Diligence and Sustained Effort’ (DSE) score which is presented at the end of each term. A requirement for students to have a DSE score of 80% or above and meet the general expectations of the College will be strictly enforced for students who wish to represent the college in sport and community events. 

I look forward to working with you and your sons throughout the year and encouraging them to achieve their personal best in all matters associated with their learning and development.


 May God continue to bless you!


Simon Abernethy

College Principal