The Year 9 and 11 Photography and Digital Imaging students attended the ‘Photography Beginners’ excursion last Thursday. Between the sites of Darling Harbour, Cockatoo Island, and the Chinese Friendship Garden, these students were able to put their brand new photography skills gained in Term 1 to the test!

Year 9 were presented with a set of photographic challenges and compositional guides to follow, such as ‘eye-bombing’ the environment using googly eyes, photographing shapes in the environment, as well as documenting the varied architecture through photography.

Year 11 students were collecting images for their assessment task for Term 1. This task has a focus on light and shadow black and white photography, and students were challenged to capture the intricate details of how light falls through architectural spaces, how shadows form over the cracks and crevices of textured walls, and the beautiful sights of nature. They were challenged to capture details that often go unnoticed – and by doing so, it allowed the students to have a newfound appreciation for the world around us.

Here is a selection of some wonderful imagery captured by these students – well done!