St. Dominic’s College has achieved a remarkable feat by raising an astounding $17,000 for the charity World’s Greatest Shave, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the cure of blood cancer.


On the 14th of June, the College witnessed an inspiring display of solidarity as both staff and students enthusiastically participated in the Worlds Greatest Shave event, willingly shaving and colouring their hair to support the cause.


What began with a modest goal of $5,000 quickly surpassed expectations, as the collective determination and dedication of the College Community led them to exceed their initial target. Undeterred by their initial success, the students set their sights higher, aiming for $10,000, and once again, their fundraising efforts proved to be exceptional.


However, the relentless commitment to making a difference did not stop there. With a new target of $15,000 set, the staff and students of St. Dominic’s College left no stone unturned in their mission to support the fight against blood cancer.


Through countless fundraising activities, tireless efforts, and an unwavering spirit, they not only achieved their target but went beyond all expectations, raising a staggering $17,000. This awe-inspiring accomplishment showcases the extraordinary generosity and compassion that permeates the College Community, highlighting their deep-rooted commitment to making a positive impact in the world. 


The funds raised will undoubtedly make a significant difference in advancing research and treatments for blood cancer, bringing hope and support to countless individuals and families affected by this relentless disease. St. Dominic’s College has truly demonstrated that together, through unity and determination, we can accomplish the extraordinary.