Dear parents and friends,  


Term 3 in high schools are always busy. This year is certainly no exception. Our Year 12 students prepare have completed the Trial HSC examinations which are externally sourced and supervised. They most closely reflect the HSC examination experience and in many ways are even more challenging as students have not yet completed course work in the majority of their subjects. They are also yet to benefit from a significant period of revision between the trials and the commencement of the HSC to best prepare students for their examinations.  


Immediately after the trials, we will also be preparing Year 12 for their Graduation at the end of the Term. Year 11 are nominating for Student Leadership opportunities and they look they look to take up from where Year 12 have left. Year 10 students will be finalising their subject choices for Stage 6 in the next fortnight and Year 8 will be choosing electives for next year.  


The last month has seen St Dom’s perform well on the sporting field with our Opens School Boys Cup Rugby League team progressing through to semi-finals, our Bill Turner Cup Soccer team progressing successfully through the 5th round, our 15As Rugby League team winning the PDSSSC premiership and our Intermediate Blue team winning their PDSSSC Grand Final. We have also been blessed to have numerous St Dom’s boys been chosen for representative sports teams, many representing in state and national teams. Best wishes to all!