During Waterford Wednesday yesterday, Year 7 and 8 were the audience for a Mental Fitness Presentation ran by Presenter Rob from the Black Dog Institute. Rob began by speaking about his own personal life journey and the challenges and adversity he has faced and how he has overcome the many challenges he has faced. He then went on to talk about mental fitness and the importance of practicing gratitude and mindfulness each day. Rob was an engaging speaker who shared many stories and gave the students some great tips and advice on how to improve their own mental fitness. Our Year 7 and 8 students took away some key messages from the presentation and we thank Rob for his time.


Year 11 were also fortunate to have One Point Health Professionals Chris Farrugia (class of 2012), Dean Gresser (class of 2011), Zak Lloyd (class of 2013), Matthew Barton (class of 2012) and Isaac Vella (class of 2017) chat to them about their careers and pathways. Chris, Dean and Zak are podiatrists and Isaac and Matthew are physiotherapists. The old boys all spoke about their enjoyable time at St Dominic’s, their university journey and their current careers. They all had different journey’s on the way to their successful careers and

shared many stories with Year 11. They left Year 11 with some key messages with the main one being that if you want to be successful in business and in life you need to be a good person first and foremost and that St Dominic’s is a great environment to learn how to do that. We thank Chris, Dean, Zak, Matthew and Isaac for their visit and wish them continuing success with their careers.