On Monday 9th October, our new 2024 Year 12 Cohort embarked on their Senior Retreat. Dharug and Rice arrived at Edmund Rice Conference Centre, Mulgoa, under the guidance of Mr Culican and Mr Khoury, and Surawski and Tench arrived at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale, under the guidance of Mr Godsell.

The theme for the 2023 Senior Retreat was “Setting Sail or Casting Adrift.” Over the next three days, the Year 12 Cohort would explore their inner selves, beginning to unpack the big question of what makes a man, plotting their past, present and future life roadmaps, and connecting with faith in contemplative meditation. Led by a dedicated and selfless team of our staff, students deconstructed and reconstructed their thoughts and feelings in a safe space with their peers.

With their anchors firmly set to stop them drifting off course, and their mast drawn to steer them in the right direction, Year 12 returned to the College as young men for others, with a new wind in their sails as they navigate their final 12 months of secondary schooling.

I would like to thank all of the staff listed below for generously gifting their time for the students. I would like to thank the staff at Edmund Rice Conference Centre and Benedict XVI Retreat Centre for their wonderful hospitality, and Father Andrew Rooney, a St Dominic’s old boy, for celebrating Mass with us. And finally, I would like to thank the parents/guardians of the Year 12 group for supporting the College in the formation of their sons.

The 2023 Senior Retreat staff team:

  • Mr Abernethy
  • Mr Culican
  • Mr Godsell
  • Mr Khoury
  • Mr Hall, Tench House
  • Mr Lawler, Dharug House
  • Mr Ross, Surawski House
  • Ms Atkinson, Dharug House
  • Mr Hicks, Surawski House
  • Mr Lawson, Dharug House
  • Mr Magee. Surawski House
  • Miss Lister, Surawski House
  • Ms McSweeney, Surawski House
  • Miss Quinlivan, Rice House
  • Mr Zammit, Tench House
  • Ms Robinson-Dawe, Rice House
  • Mrs Bright, Tench House
  • Mr Kellam, Tench House

I wish the Year 12 group best of luck as they begin the end of their formal schooling.

Mr Daniel D’Souza

Year 12 2024 Pastoral Coordinator