Graduate student from the class of 2013, Francis Tamer was awarded the College Dux and returned to the College to present the current Year 12’s at the 2018 Academic Assembly , sharing his journey and advice upon leaving school

Looking back, what are some of your best memories or experiences from St Dominic’s?

It’s hard to go through all my best memories, but I would have to say that my time as a prefect for my cohort and my school allowed myself and the prefect group to accomplish many great things such as implementing the first White Ribbon Day. Whether it be watching Thursday footy or participating in the Winter sleep out, there was always something happening which contributed to our growth as men at the College.


How has your St Dominic’s experience impacted your life today?

I learnt the true value of self discipline, and the immense value of my faith. I have encountered many struggles in university since high school and the recurring error on my end was a lack of self discipline. St Dominic’s brought a sense of order to my life and pushed me to be the best I can be in every aspect of my life and my choices after school not to continue with these habits led my astray. It wasn’t until I left school I was challenged heavily regarding my faith and was expected to make a choice as to how I would live my life as a Catholic.


What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?

I went to Sydney University to study a Bachelor of Science, I then transferred to Computer Science.


What is your current role? What does a regular day look like?

I’m still studying and work part time as a Data Analyst with an IT firm. A regular day involves going to uni or heading to Pyrmont or to a client for a project. My work is diverse, from Business Analytics and Intelligence to Data Analysis.


How has your St Dominic’s education contributed to your success?

My St Dominic’s education allowed me build a mentality around holistic living. It’s not just about academics, sport or a social life, it’s about all of them. I learnt that, for me, work is a means to an end and that my greatest fulfilment will come from my faith and my service to others. 
Alumni wisdom:


What advice would you give to your past self when you were a student?

Enjoy it while you’re there, the world isn’t so kind after school.


What piece of advice would you give current St Dominic’s students?

My advice would be to build a culture and mentality of self-accountability and determination. Foster self-discipline early because there is no greater character trait than self-discipline.


What is your lasting impression of St Dominic’s?

My lasting impression is a school where you were formed holistically, and the programs were designed to serve our unique traits as boys. My lasting impression will be a place that felt more like a family or community than it did simply a school.