Michael Todd has been a member of the St Dominic’s College community since he joined the College in Year 7, 1998. He graduated from St Dominic’s in 2003, and has sat on the College Board from 2009 to his current position of St Dominic’s College Board Chair from 2018.
Career Highlights
  • Chief Executive Officer of OnePointHealth, with locations in Penrith and Ryde. Services include Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Dietician, Massage Therapy, Specialty Footwear Store, Custom Orthotics. 
  • Partner at Jobs Available Western Sydney – the largest platform to both advertise and find jobs in its catchment – www.jobswesternsydney.com.au.  


What have you done since graduating from St Dominic’s? What do you do now?

Straight out of school I did a Diploma of Business at Tafe. That elevated me to University, and at WSU I completed the Bachelor of Business (marketing). Whilst at University I managed to get a job in economic development which was mainly about making Penrith a better place to do business, and encouraging big businesses to relocate to Penrith to create more jobs. I gained some great experience whilst working with businesses, and so I accepted the position of Business Advisor at the Western Sydney Business Centre. I progressed to the General Manager role, so whilst helping some key clients grow their businesses, I was running a team of 7 business Advisors who service the whole of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Right now I am the Chief Executive Officer of OnePointHealth, Sydney’s largest Private Allied Health provider. With over 70 employees and a range of healthcare services, OPH is trail blazing a new idea in health through multidisciplinary care which is proven to achieve better patient results, faster. 

Do you think your time at St Dominic’s helped you to pursue this? If yes, how?

It definitely has. St Dominic’s College has a lot of respect in the corporate world and our community. So many people hold the school in such high regard. I have no doubt that having St Dominic’s College education on my resume has helped me throughout my after school life. 

Did you ever envisage your current career path while you were at St Dominic’s?

No. I actually wanted to be a primary school teacher funnily enough. I didn’t get the ideal mark in my HSC. I have no complaints till this point though.  

Looking back, what are some of your best memories or experiences from St Dominic’s?

I was in that generation that experienced the school before renovations and the upgrade to facilities in my early years but also saw a lot of the progress and got to see new facilities in my senior years. It was great to see that transition. 

Being a soccer player sport was always a highlight through, representing the school. 

Most importantly, I made life long friends and contacts. I was the only person from my primary school that came to the school so didn’t know many people but our group of friends have stayed solid through so many changes to our lives. Our whole grade has a togetherness actually. 

I had a really good time at St Dominic’s, it is a great environment. 

How has your St Dominic’s experience impacted your life today?

Similar to the reputation that I talked about, being a student has helped me so much. Since the point of leaving, experiencing the ‘real world’ as people call it and coming back to the school to visit often has been great. I cant imagine every school impacts people the way St Dominic’s did to me. Now to be the Chairman of the board lets me give back and repay some of what I owe.  

What piece of advice would you give current St Dominic’s students?

There is no magic formula or method for overnight success. It’s a combination of having enthusiasm in everything you put your mind to, being honest always, constantly getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that genuinely scare you, and always believing in yourself. If you can work all of that into your life and the way you conduct yourself, it will be hard to fail.

What is your lasting impression of St Dominic’s?

Great school, reputation, facilities, teachers and friends.