Our campaign for the Lenten Appeal at St Dominic’s College is for Project Compassion. We have chosen to support  Caritas in helping to support young people to go back to high school to finish their studies in the Philippines. 

$15 can support a young person to go back to high school to finish their studies in the Philippines

Psyche Mae from the Philippines

In 2008, Psyche Mae and her family moved from the country and arrived in the Manilla for a better life. Unfortunately, there were no jobs, so the family collected plastic bags from the 

rubbish dumps and washed them in the river and sold them to recycling factories. Caritas partnered with a neighbourhood organisation to send the children, who climbed these rubbish dumps to retrieve the bags, to primary school.

Psyche Mae recently graduated as a Social Worker, returning to work with children. This is a great example of the power of the few cents our students can find each day during the 40 days of Lent.

It is obvious that preparing one student for High School can change the whole community. But it is important for our students that it is not just giving money, it is about training local organisations to train the lives of their own community

The Philippines times two.

This is the second year in a row that we have supported programs in the Philippines, having supported the Mangroves program in coastal villages to support develop and reclaim land lost in climatic events. This is not normally the case, but the Prefects felt strongly that our students would strongly identify with this cause.

2018 Launch

The  Prefects launched the campaign with Pancake Tuesday and this was followed with a presentation led by Mr B Ahern, Mrs R Reid, and Prefects Quincy Hayward and Patrick Rowan at the Ash Wednesday Liturgies. As part of their presentations we announced the 2018 Targets.

2018 Targets

After some discussion we are aiming for each House to raise enough funds to send 117 students to High School in the Philippines. That would set our College goal at 468 High School Preparation Packages or $7020. This is $1,000 more than last year.

Project Compassion Fundraising Leader Board

Current totals

at 08/03/18


1st  $647.50  


4th  $279.60  
   Prefects $193.65  
  Total: $1671.85