St Dominic’s College provides all students with a Blended Learning environment.


A Blended Learning Environment provides the students with a variety of learning experiences in a technologically rich environment. All learning spaces and experiences include the use of kinaesthetic (touch/feel) tools, visual stimulus and quality auditory provisions. All use of technology at the College is done so in accordance with our ICT Use Agreement.

Canvas: Our College Learning Management System provides each student of every class with 24/7 access to all the resources, communication, tasks and results associated to every course they are enrolled in.

Office 365: Each student upon enrolling is provided with a license to Microsoft Office 365 which includes the full Office suite as well as considerable cloud access in which to store files and collaborate with others.

BYOD: St Dominic’s College supports a “Bring Your Own Device” environment where students are administrators of their own hybrid computers (Microsoft OS, touch screen, tablet and laptop functionality) in leading their own learning. All use of a student’s personal device while accessing College systems and environment is done so in accordance with our BYOD User Agreement. The device specifications have been carefully developed to ensure your son has 100% access to all learning resources in all areas of learning of the College. Any enquiries in regards to our BYOD Program can be directed to our BYOD Helpdesk:

BYOD Helpdesk

For parents to reach out for assistance in regards to their son's personal device.

When purchasing a device for your son we encourage you to access the recommended online store provided and purchase “Accidental Damage Protection” along with your device. All devices purchased via our recommended online store are serviced at the College and loan devices can be accessed where service delays occur.


St Dominic’s College is an inclusive learning environment which accommodates the needs of each individual.

Learning Technology – Policies and Procedures