Congratulations to our New Edmund Rice Volunteers!

Upon completing a 3 ½ hour training program, 20 of our students are now qualified Volunteers at Edmund Rice Camps.

Edmund Rice Camps provide holiday experiences for young people aged 7 – 16 years who would not otherwise be able to enjoy them. There is a small cost for the young people to attend the camps. Many of the participants come from what could be considered as marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds. The camps also provide welcome respite for parents and families.

We would like to acknowledge the advocacy of  Caleb Stuckey (Social Justice Prefect), Jacob Cohen (Sport and Cultural Prefect) and Ahmed Khan (Academic Prefect) in making this training happen; and along with them, congratulate David Maina, Ethan Swan, Matthew Lynch, Jacob John,  Ethan Campora-Kaal, Mitchell Ganic, Oliver Cooling, Ethan Szyczew, Zachariah Clarke, Kieran Hudson, Christian Sharp, Jake Dawson, Elliott Blears, Max Fruhstuck, Todd Robertson, Matthew-John Sigua and Richmond Boateng for completing their training.

We would like to thank Emily Banks, Programs Officer and Dan Comensoli, Assistant Programs Officer, for their leadership and their ministry.




Zac Culican