We welcome the return of the following staff members for the beginning of Term 3:

–          Mrs C Thompson (Visual Arts / Religion)

–          Mrs C McSweeney (English)

–          Ms E Heath (Diverse Learning, Wed – Fri)

–          Mr M Bourke (EMBARK and HSIE)

At the end of Term 2 we farewelled Mr J Bourke who has taken leave to venture overseas and teach in the UK for 18 months. We thank him for his service to the College community, especially in the PDHPE Department and in his role as Indigenous Liaison Officer and wish him well as he continues his professional journey. Mr Peake will step into the position of Indigenous Liaison Officer (which was his previous role) for the remainder of the year whilst maintaining the representative sports coordinator role.

With a change in semester comes curriculum changes also. Stage 4 students will change their teachers and their courses for Visual Arts or Music. This also involves the HSIE KLA for both Stages 4 and 5, where the students will change course between History and Geography (or vice versa) but not their teachers.


Congratulations to many students who received a quality report culminating a semester worth of effort and achievement. For some students now is the appropriate time to re-focus and commit to a fresh set of achievement goals for the upcoming semester. It is an exciting term for many year groups as many students begin planning and preparing for the following educational stage.

Year 10 students are busy choosing subjects and selecting career pathways to best suit their own planning after a well informed and attended evening on Tuesday 24 August. Year 8 students will undertake a similar journey selecting their Stage 5 Electives next month after they complete their own Urban Challenge experience. Year 12 students have hopefully been working extremely hard throughout their break preparing for Trial HSC examinations as well as completing their major projects ready for submission. Year 7 students continue to be invited to meet the demands of academic rigour required in secondary schooling having hopefully survived their first semester and report, ready to adopt new challenges this term and engage in the number of opportunities on offer. Many Year 11 students are undertaking their own leadership journey, nominating themselves for selection as a 2018/19 Student Prefect. Along with this exciting time, they too begin to realise an important period of assessments is just 7 weeks away – Preliminary Finals (Weeks 9 and 10 this term) before they begin their HSC journey.

With the plethora of things occurring in such a vibrant learning environment, I encourage you to continue using the College website and encourage the use of being up-to-date with CANVAS notifications to ensure that in the busyness of our day to day lives we don’t miss out on any of the wonderful opportunities offered here at the College.

Mr B Walsh

Deputy Principal