Today the College was visited by the Think Twice team from Westmead Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilation Unit.

One by one members of the team addressed our Year 11 cohort and spoke about the unfortunate circumstance that resulted in their debilitating brain injuries.

The overriding theme of the talks was for the boys to think twice before doing something that would place them in a situation of danger.

In particular, with regard to motor cars and bikes with many of our boys getting their driving licence around this time.

The team has given freely their time for the past 17 years and we are truly thankful to them for all they have done in their attempts to keep our students safe particularly on the roads.

A special thanks to their Rehabilitation Case Manager Margaret Doyle and the fabulous speakers Qaa’im, Jay, Tristan and Tom.


Thanks also to Mr. Ronchetti and Mr.Jansz for their support of this Annual College event.


Mr M. Darcy