On Thursday 23rd August, 16 boys from the College competed in the annual MCS (Metropolitan Catholic Schools) Golf Day which was conducted at the Glenmore Heritage Golf Course.

The day proved to be very successful with the school winning an individual age championship and 3 age divisions. We also finished runner up in one individual age championship, one age group, the Senior, Junior and the Overall shields.

Award winners included Coby Carruthers in the 14’s (even though he played up an age division) with a score of 80. Whilst our 16’s, 14’s and 12’s won their respective age divisions.


Members of the team were as follows :-

Opens – Jack Eisenhuth & Trent Weir

17’s                           Mason Iaria, Benjamin Liepa & Riley Wilson

16’s                           Kyle Beukers, Flynn Caston & Lachlan Jacobs

15’s                           Hayden Carlson

14’s                          Coby Carruthers & Hayden Walsh

13’s                          Aaron Barlow & Riley Pollard

12’s                          Jaydee Davies, Jaxen Edgar & Zach Romero


Congratulations to all the members of the team for the way they represented the College on the day.

Special mention must go to our Year 12 members Jack Eisenhuth, Mason Iaria and Trent Weir on what was to be their final College sports representation.


Mr M. Darcy

Team Manager