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Carla Ritchie


Over the past year we have introduced a new video streaming solution – ClickView Online. With the ability of Single Sign On (SSO) your son now has the ability to access the videos 24/7. This means they can use ClickView at home to assist them with their homework and assessments.

There are thousands of educational videos: Your son has access to the best educational videos from renowned content providers and free-to-air TV channels.

The content is integrated with the Australian Curriculum: Your son can identify the right video within seconds because our entire video library has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

Simple Steps to access ClickView

1.      Use an Internet Web browser and complete a Google Search – ‘ClickView’

2.      From the Search results choose ClickView Online and ‘Sign in’ to ClickView (top right corner of screen)

3.      You may sign in using your school email address:



4.      Press NEXT (orange button) to access your School Account and type in your School Password.

5.       You have successfully accessed ClickView. The videos you require are located in subject folders on the left side of the screen.

6.      Use the ‘Search’ facility to locate the video ( top right corner)



ClickView introductory video link: