During the 27th and 28th of August the elected Prefects of 2019 were accompanied by Miss Shankar, Mr Ronchetti, and Mr Jansz stayed at the Benedict 16th Retreat Centre. The retreat centre was very quiet, clean and sophisticated and well-cared for. This suited the group very well for the discussions and groupwork which was to be conducted at the venue. The scenery was beautiful, with nature surrounding the centre in every direction, the stay was amazing as the cabins were very clean and a warm feeling was obtained once opening the door. The young gentlemen had enough to eat as the chef at the retreat centre coked up a feast for the time they were there. The history of the centre was shown everywhere in the buildings and the grounds themselves, accompanied by the staff who were very welcoming and polite towards the group and made the stay rather pleasant.

During the stay the group learned what it was to be a leader, the idea of teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and time management were some of the many the group learned. Breaking down into teams to solve ice breaker challenges and to break down barriers between one another by debating and solving the unique facts each individual had about themselves. After a long day on the 27th the group was later joined by the Prefects of 2018 and Mr Walsh whereby they discussed the roles of the prefects but also shared their experiences being one. On the final day of the retreat learning about one another was further explored as each member brought in a sacred item to the retreat centre, each holding a different memory or meaning. Concluding the retreat, the 2019 Prefects were given Blessed Edmund Rice badges to wear with the Prefects of 2018. The young gentlemen would like to say thank you to Ms Shankar, Mr Ronchetti, Mr Jansz, Mr Walsh and the Prefects of 2018 for this experience, for giving up there time and for this wonderful opportunity to help grow and further develop into leaders.


Ms N. Shankar