The Year 12 SLR class recently completed the NRL Backyard League Course as part of their Sports Coaching unit of work. On Friday 31st  August the class visited York Public School to put their theory into practice and coach the primary school students. The boys were placed in pairs and each pair coached a group of 15 students each. They coached the basic skills of Rugby League such as catching and passing as well as kicking. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of coaching and particularly enjoyed seeing the young student’s skill level improve over the course of the session. Well done to the boys on stepping out of their comfort zone to become coaches and it was great to see the primary school students have so much fun taking part in the Backyard League Program. The boys will continue to coach the York students throughout the term. Thanks to Tim Auremi from NRL game development for coordinating this coaching experience for us.

Carissa Cook  + David Mackinnon