In celebrating Literacy and Numeracy Week at the College we are proud to announce our achievements in the 2018 Australian Mathematics Competition. This year we achieved 4 distinctions, 28 credits and 105 proficient awards across the College.

This is a fantastic result and shows our students’ commitments to their Mathematics. These certificates will be awarded in an upcoming assembly.

The following students achieved a Distinction which indicates that they are in the top 20% of the country for their academic year:

Year 8: Cody Dwyer, Dinath Senaratne

Year 9: Clay Saunders

Year 10: Trent Whitbread

Congratulations should also go to Clay Saunders was also awarded “Best in School”. This indicates he was our highest performing student at the College.

Thank you to Mr Meek for his promotion, organisation and administration of this competition.


Mr David Gerlach

Mathematics Coordinator