St Dominic’s College Numeracy Activities

National Literacy and Numeracy Week is an important week in the calendar for the promotion and encouragement of numeracy and literacy skills throughout the College. These skills are essential for being able to successfully function in life after school. The week has begun with a number of activities already taking place.

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre (ERLC) Numeracy Quiz

On Monday the ERLC Numeracy Quiz took place. We had a large number of students take part in this task to test their numeracy and mathematical skills. The questions were difficult this year as we had $30 JB Hi-Fi voucher on offer for first place. All boys that entered received House points. Congratulations to the following boys who were the most successful in this quiz:

Samuel Hull- Year 9 1st Place

1st Place: Samuel Hull – Year 9

Equal 2nd Place:

Carel Kutschera – Year 7

Snehin Talusani – Year 8

Bora Dokumcu – Year8





The Mind Benders

On Tuesday we had a range of mind bending mathematical puzzles for the boys to solve during lunchtime. House points were given for any attempt, and then chocolates were awarded for each puzzle the student could solve. Congratulations goes to Jacob John – Year 12 for being able to solve the highest number of puzzles on the day.

House Challenge: Meme Activity

On Wednesday the boys were given 4 numeracy memes that needed solving, and on Thursday they were given some Maths problems to solve during homeroom. A large number of homerooms got involved and submitted their answers before the start of period 1. In both cases, the winning homeroom was the first homeroom to get all the answers correct – the runners up also getting all the answers correct but not as quickly as the winning the homeroom.

Congratulations go to the following homerooms:

Winner: 9 Rice A

Runners Up:

9 Rice B

9 Dharuk B

12 Rice A

12 Rice B

12 Dharuk

Card Games Competition

During Wednesday Lunchtime we had a card game competition. This involved the boys playing a number of card games with betting chips. The overall winners of the lunchtime round received chocolates and house points for their efforts. There was a great sense of rivalry and passion throughout this activity.

Numeracy Problems:

Winner: 10 Dharuk A

Runners Up:

8 Surawski B

8 Rice B






Lolly Guessing Jar

The final activity for the week was the lolly guessing competition. This estimation activity was made more interesting this year with the winner not only getting the lollies, but also a $30 JB Hi-Fi gift voucher. There was a lot of interest in the activity. Congratulations goes to Jayden Divertie of 9 Surawski B for guessing the closest guess of 186 jelly beans – there were actually 187. The runner up was John Pangan of 12 Tench A who guessed 184.

Thank you

A big thank you to the ERLC for their preparation, organisation and assistance in the running of these activities. Their assistance ensured that the activities ran smoothly and efficiently. I could not have completed this week without their support. So thank you to Mrs Hazell, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wells and Mrs Vella.

Thank you also to the students who got behind these activities and to the teachers for encouraging them to get involved. 2018 was a great success and we look forward to building for next year and coordinating our Numeracy activities with Literacy as well.

The Radio Show Competition:

For those who attempted the radio show problem the solutions are as follows:

Prize 1: this earns $465

Prize 2: this earns $10, 737, 418 dollars

Congratulations to Mr Lawson and Mr Godsell for figuring out this problem.


Mr David Gerlach

Mathematics KLA Coordinator