“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare


On Thursday 20th September in the Edmund Rice Learning Centre, Ms Torpy’s Year 8B class was joined by Ms Reid’s Year 10 class to discover the work of William Shakespeare.  Students worked collaboratively in pairs to discuss and explore the works, with the aim that the Year 10 Enrichment class could peer mentor the Year 8 students and break down the literature in a manner their younger peers could understand.

After short introductions, the boys got down to work.  Meaningful discussions were had around the life of Shakespeare and the mentoring experience was valuable for all parties. 


Callagan (Year 10) “It’s a good bonding experience; it was good to be reminded of how far I’ve come in my academic development.”
Liam (Year 8) “My partner was able to explain the information and help me with the task in a way that I understood.”
Bowen (Year 8) “They help me understand the questions and what is required of them.”
Isaac (Year 8) ‘It’s fun getting help from older students.”
Ethan (Year 10) “It’s a good experience for us; we’re not always the teacher.”


Ms R. Reid