Year 7 were given a STEM Trebuchet (catapult) challenge for their science assessment task with the aim not only for the students to utilise their creativity skills, but to also apply skills from the four curriculum areas, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

During the planning process, groups utilised various ICT applications to construct their designs and other groups opted to free draw their designs with scales.

Students conducted research on the forces and counterbalances involved in design of their trebuchet and they implemented all these elements into their designs.      

During the construction process, designs were modified to improve the functioning of their trebuchets.

After the groups constructed their trebuchets, they then conducted the launching process to record measurements, such as the distance the lollies had travelled.  

Students then obtained averages and used this data within their scientific report to prove the aim of their experiment.

The outcome of this task was a success and reflects the hard work and creativity of our Year 7 cohort. Students were highly engaged with their learning and the feedback on the task was met with a positive response. 

Prior to departure, students were well equipped with their learning material and clipboards and excited for the fun day ahead with their peers. Upon arrival, students attended the seal show and we even had one of our students’ volunteer and chosen by the zoo keeper to engage in the seal show.

Students were prompt with their meeting time at the end of the day and had many photos to share with their peers of what they observed at the zoo.

Students will be using the data collected from the excursion for their Part B of their Science assessment.

Ms M. Tahan