Bronze Kayak Trip – November 2018

In Week 4 of Term 4, seven boys from Year 9 embarked on the first Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey. They went to Berowra Waters for their practice trip, honing their skills along Berowra Creek. Camping in fairly comfortable conditions, the boys enjoyed their first taste of Duke of Ed camps.

At the end of week 5, the boys completed their Qualifying Journey for Bronze level, paddling down Kangaroo River in Kangaroo Valley to our bush camp. This trip was different to the first, in that the boys had to pack their kayaks with all of their gear – food, water, cooking equipment, clothes and their tents! Being accountable for everything made the boys seriously consider the decisions they had to make. Each of the boys gained new insights and new skills from completing their Bronze Adventurous Journey, with keen eyes on the Silver and Gold levels in future.

It has been a pleasure to initiate the Duke of Edinburgh Award at St Dominic’s and I look forward to working with this group and new groups in future.

The Bronze group consists of:

  • Aiden Montgomery
  • Jake Zakostelsky
  • Bailey Tebutt
  • Brady Madanowski
  • Jarrod Stokes
  • Pawan Reddy
  • Ethan Baxter

Congratulations boys and see you at Silver!

Mr D. D’Souza

Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader