Year 8 Visual Arts Semester 2

Photography Competition Winner Announcement

During semester 2, Year 8 Visual Arts students were required to submit a photograph that responded to the concept: “Celebrate What’s Right with the World”.

Students investigated the work of world-class photojournalist for the National Geographic, Dewitt Jones. Jones challenges use to see the world as providing possibilities. He believes that there is always more than one right answer and that we should look for possibilities and find solutions for the challenges before us.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the year 8 Visual Arts students who completed this challenge. You can be very proud of your efforts and skills.



WINNER : Lachlan Denic


Other Award Winners:


Innovative Photography Award

Andrew Fryer

College Principal’s Photography Appreciation Award

Ethan Hudson

Best Fauna Photograph

Harrison Bullock



Highly Commended

  • Cameron Mallett
  • Cameron Travis
  • Hayden Walsh
  • Lachlan Harris
  • Luke Micallef
  • Matthew Handley
  • Nicholas Hitchon
  • Noah Clifford
  • Riley Connolly
  • Ritish Sethi
  • Ryan Simmons
  • Thomas Cooney
  • Thomas Vella
  • Zach Woods

Mr S. Lewis – Visual Arts Coordinator