Recently our Year 12 Biology students were given an assessment task that partly consisted of constructing a model that represents a biological process they have chosen.

This biological process is based on the topic of cell replication and its importance.  These models were constructed over a two-week period and many have worked tirelessly to showcase their creativity using a variety of materials.

On the 21st of November, the students handed in their models and these were displayed in the Graham Kennedy Study. The quality of work represented in these models was of a high standard and the staff at St Dominic’s College were invited to view these outstanding models. The feedback was extremely positive and our students were able to reflect upon their work by observing the various model created by their peers.

There was a peer evaluation that our students conducted as part of the assessment as well to develop their skills of critically analysing other scientific representations. They then linked their understanding of the biological process to its importance in the human body for part B of their assessment. Some of these outstanding models are shown below.

Ms D. Lister and Ms M. Tahan