Yearly Reports Years 7-10


A couple of reminders to assist you over the closing weeks of your son’s academic year.

1.       All courses publish their annual assessment guidelines (including schedule and performance descriptors) on the Syllabus page of every Course in Canvas.

2.       All of your son’s tasks, results and notifications are all published live in Canvas for you to access 24/7, so you should already be aware of his progress and performance in 2018.

3.       Your  son’s annual academic report will be posted on 12th December, 2018.

4.       The Performance Descriptors used to assign your son’s grade are for the entire course (Years 7-9), and are based on all class room contributions, tasks and common tasks.

5.       Academic Awards Evening is December 6th, invitations are issued by 4th December, 2018.


Please if you have yet to update your personal details with the College we urge you to take a couple of minutes in ensuring this is done so you have no issues accessing your son’s academic report at the end of the year.


Progressive Assessment Tests – Mathematics (PAT-M)


Students from Years 7-10 have again completed these final assessments throughout Weeks 5-7 in providing further feedback to all on your son’s progress in Mathematics. We use this assessment (similar to PAT-R) to provide you with a greater understanding of your son’s competency levels compared to his age. We use this final assessment in finalising your son’s academic grade and placing him in the most appropriate classes in 2019.


Year 10 2019 – Laptop Renewal Required


Another reminder that your son is required to upgrade his device in preparation for Year 10. This purchase is to be made via our established HP BYOD portal provided for you (within the purchase price is Accidental Breakage Insurance and Warranty whereby all service is performed at the College). Onboarding process to ensure your son’s device is College ready for Day 1 2019 is provided January 21-25 – via [  Event: fv8kv ]


Year 11 2019 – Preparation Program

On November 26-29 our students began their preparation for their HSC 2020. Students were provided with learning experiences including accessing Students Online (RoSA, Preliminary, HSC Results and Examination Timetables), knowledge of all relevant course Syllabi, introductory lectures with 2019 teaching staff and study skills. This program has been in operation for a number of years in ensuring your son begins his HSC with the highest possibility of success.

All returning students all received their textbook order form for 2019 – significant savings can be made if orders are completed before 7th December. Order online here.


HSC 2018 Results


Year 12 2018 students will be able to access their HSC Results via Students Online from the 13th December, students have been encouraged to access the site prior to ensure they have all the necessary access details. If your son is having difficulty accessing Students Online he must contact NESA directly as unfortunately the College cannot assist.


2018 ATAR results are published from 9am December 14th and the College will be again holding a BBQ for all Year 12 students from 8am to celebrate their achievements and provide any additional support that may be required on the day.


Atomi – HSC Study Resource


The College has sourced a special for the Atomi Study Suite. This is optional for all HSC students at St Dominic’s College.

The suite provides students with comprehensive videos focussing on HSC style questions and the videos are produced by students who have recently completed the HSC at the highest level. Learn more

As you are discussing your son’s Year 11 results and goals for the HSC, additional tuition can at times be considered and this is a cost effective way to provide the additional support your son may desire. Sign up for a free trial today and if your son believes it will assist him pay for the HSC licence ($264) via our College Website (Pay Fees).

Please remind your son the Edmund Rice Learning Centre is open every day between 8am – 4pm and additional study sessions are held by our staff on nominated afternoons and upon request.

Mr D Sheil

Director of Teaching and Learning