As a final update on changes to our teaching staff at the conclusion of Term 4:

          Mrs Geerligs is on leave for the remainder of the year, recovering from her knee operation.

          Mr Hicks is on long service leave for the remainder of the year.

          We also farewelled Miss Alimane from the Science KLA, who joined the staff at Parramatta Marist High School.


At the concluding stages of the term, assessments are conducted, reports are generated as Semester 2 winds down for all staff and students. This is the perfect opportunity to assess the effectiveness of 2018 with respect to the level of engagement in your own learning for each individual subject. These reflections will be long forgotten at the end of January unless you commit to write some of these down to remind yourself. Whether it be to change the way in which you approached things surrounding your studies or whether it is to further nurture your improved learning outcomes. Recognising a level of commitment or a focussed energy in the areas of study, calling it for what it is will assist in the continuation of success and the search for learning growth throughout 2019.


Significant events shaped the term for particular year groups. The Year 11’s having transitioned to their HSC courses rather quickly since returning from the Senior Retreat essentially calling themselves Year 12’s. With the Year 10’s who have completed their assessments, participated in the Commissioning Liturgy to farewell students and then attended their final Outdoor Education Camp at Somerset along the Colo River; it will be a time of celebration for many families as they finish the year with the Post Camp Program in preparation for their Stage 6 transition. For many of the junior students, they eagerly await new class dynamics, elective courses, graduating from the EMBARK program, acknowledging the changes in their teachers their learning groups as well as coping with daily pressures and changes in their own selves. All the while – attempting to live a life through social media, gaming and peer pressure as teenagers in the online world. Take the time to relax and recuperate throughout the holiday period. Most importantly – appreciate what you have and don’t get caught up in focussing on what you desire. Embrace the joy in your life and celebrate the love you can share daily.

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and best wishes for the New Year.


Mr B. Walsh

Deputy Principal