Year 9 Pass Classes visit Sydney Cricket Ground and World Body’s Vital Museum

On Tuesday 19th March, the Year 9 PASS classes travelled to the Sydney Cricket Ground and World Body’s Vital Museum for an excursion on their current units of study, ‘Body Systems’ and ‘Australia’s Sporting Identity’.

The boys started the day with a very interesting tour of the SCG putting themselves in the moment of many of Australia’s greatest sporting moments. The boys learnt about the feats of Australian sporting legends such as Don Bradman and Clive Churchill on the ground. Whilst on the tour the boys were fortunate enough to see the Sydney Swans AFL team train. The boys took in a lot of valuable information about the history of Australian sport whilst on the tour.

After the tour was completed, the boys visited the ‘World Bodies Vital’ Exhibition at Sydney Town Hall as a follow up to the ‘Body Systems’ unit they have studied in Term 1. They were fortunate enough to get a close insight into how the body works during movement. A great day out was had by all and the boys were able to make stronger connections to the theoretical work they have covered so far in class this year.