ANZAC Day is a day for remembering all the Australian and New Zealander men and women, both past and present who have fought and continue to do so to protect our great country. We celebrate this day of commemoration on the 25th of April every year.

Today, Thursday 25th April 2019. I marched with my younger brother and sister, through the town of Warragamba to the Civic Centre. Warragamba is generally a small town but, on this day, it was a small town filled with a big heart. So many families paying their respects to the heroes, many of whom are family members and close loved ones.

I started marching three years ago, when my Grandad Chief Petty Officer Rueben Charles Standish passed away. His medals were left to me and I felt this to be a great honour and I ensure I march displaying these with pride. I also pay tribute to my other grandfather Sapper Sydney Albert Swain whose medals are worn by my brother and sister. It is a small but meaningful way to show my respect and admiration for these two men and the sacrifices they made for my family and my country.

It has brought even greater meaning to my extended family. My Nan, Pop, Aunty, Uncle and cousins all attended the service and watched on as we marched through the streets. It is heart-warming to see the Australian spirit live on through the many marches that happen around our country on this important day of remembrance. There are so many families with little children which is encouraging to know the memories will be passed on and the ANZAC legacy will continue.

I am proud to have represented my two grandfathers and our College on this momentous occasion, for these men and women gave their lives for us and all we have today.

Lest we forget.

Ethan Dunlop