On 7th of May 2019, the Year 8 students of St Dominic’s College were fortunate enough to have two special guests who gave their insight to the students about our Social Justice Program, Founder’s Week and the Edmund Rice family of ministries. Our first special guest was Daniel from the Eddy Rice Camp organisation, who brought some insight to the Students about what they’re doing to keep Edmund Rice’s love flowing. During this time Daniel educated the students about this organisation and how it is a holiday experience for disadvantaged children who are aged from 6-14 years. Daniel also went into depth about how we can help as a volunteer with this organisation and gain Social Justice Hours.


We also had the opportunity to listen to Mr Lawson who went to South America for the Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders. Mr Lawson gave the Year 8 students an idea about how fortunate we are to have a Safe, good Education and School. Mr Lawson showed the students images of the different schools he visited and how their classrooms were not as advanced as ours and how fortunate we are to have the facilities we do. This impacted many of the Year 8 students as many of them did not understand how lucky we are to have the facilities we have, and the food and water supplies we do, that keep us healthy and safe. Mr Lawson visited a school which was made of corrugated iron and timber and wasn’t even weather proof!

This has made me think about the opportunities for volunteering and how I hope to train as an Eddy Rice Camp volunteer when I turn 16. I think that our founders would also like that we are thinking about social justice.    

Jake Feneck

Year 8